END 041: Online Reputation Repair Made Easy

A disgruntled employee stormed out on his boss, vowing to get even.

Enraged, his new passionate mission was to slay and filet his now former employer by running straight home, firing up the ole’ home computer and leaving a nasty-gram review on this establishment’s Google business page.

Of course he did this anonymously. He even made it sound as if he were a customer who had a horrific experience.

Now I know this business. They give great service. The owner is a marvelous, hard-working, wonderful businessman and citizen in our city.

He and his staff have been striving 6 days a week for the last 27 years to give their customers a wow experience.

Then this hot headed turd-muncher comes along and tarnishes their online reputation in a very public way in a matter of minutes.

The above story is real. I am very familiar with it because they are one of my clients.

“Unfair”!  You say.  I agree 152%!

Just think!  Now every time a prospective client does a search on Google, there sits that awful review like bird poop on the hood of a freshly washed car.

Well, as you may expect, “we ain’t havin’ it”!

So, what did we do?  We got mad for about 10 minutes and then we decided to get even!  Hahaha!

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