A Walk in the Park

I just took an afternoon walk in the park. After being indoor most of the day it felt great to get out and catch some fresh air.

As I was walking, a young mom called out to her young son, “Tommy, come on home – it’s time to eat”.

I was immediately taken back to my childhood when as a young kid my mom would call out for me and tell me to come back home before dark so I could eat dinner. Its the simple things that mean so much.

I say young Tommy is a blessed kid.

Are You Desperate?

Are you living in a state of desperation right now?

Desperation usually follows after one of 3 traumatic events occur:

  1. an important relationship ends permanently
  2. the last dollar is spent
  3. a distressing phone call is received from a health professional

Desperation takes us to a fork in the road and gives us 2 choices:

  1. Devastation
  2. Determination

Either choice is going to be very difficult.

Devastation is a dark place. This is the default choice. It can be temporary but often times is permanent.

Determination requires difficult discipline, but it inspires hope. Hope fuels passion. Passion is contagious and almost always results in some kind of mind blowing success with a team of people cheering about how glorious the experience of climbing out of the ashes of ruin.

Do not quit business pros! Choose determination. It’s hard but it’s so worth the effort.

Extreme mountain bike sport athlete man riding outdoors lifestyl

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101 Principles to Wealth – Key Financial Secrets for Success (2014)

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How To Win Friends and Influence People (1936)

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