Our Friends

Dr. Steve Taubman

"As a seasoned guest on hundreds of teleclasses, radio interviews, and podcasts, I can say with some authority that John and Jan are among the very best! They led me in a spirited conversation about my topic and materials, eliciting ideas and insights I'd never shared before. They were kind, gracious, and very enthusiastic, which not only brought out the best of what I have to offer, but also made it a wonderful experience!"

Dr. Steve Taubman - http://SteveTaubman.com/

Vic Dorfman

"Going on the Entrepreneur Next Door podcast with John and Jan has been my best interview experience to date, hands down.

First of all, John and Jan have a great chemistry as hosts. They're warm, inviting and genuinely curious in what you have to say. They know how to ask questions and draw you out and make you feel comfortable speaking about your business experiences. You feel like you're just chatting and catching up with old friends.

I think this translates into a great listening experience for the end listener. Nobody likes to listen to boring, dry, monotone interviews. You just don't retain anything useful that way. Underlying John and Jan's approach is just a fun, easy vibe that I'm convinced facilitates learning, inspiration and taking action.

John and Jan are both experienced business veterans and it comes through in the way they package their podcast. They keep it short, tightly edited and to the point. I think this micro format is absolutely brilliant. Who has time to sit down and listen to an hour long rambling podcast? I don't care if Richard Branson is on your podcast, an hour of a busy person's time is a tall order.

The Entrepreneur Next Door format on the other hand is extremely digestible. I believe this approach is superior in today's ADD world.

Overall, I just had a lot of fun doing the podcast and in the spirit of fun and giving I feel that I gave my best 'performance' and provided my most valuable and inspiring interview to date. Iron sharpens iron. And John and Jan are sharp as hell! :-)"

Vic Dorfman - http://vicdorfman.com/

Carol Mortarotti

"Being a guest on Entrepreneur Next Door was an incredible experience. It's obvious that John & Jan are pros at podcasting. Not only did they bring out the best in me during the interview but I felt like I had known them for years. I can't wait to be asked back as a guest on their show!"

Carol Mortoratti - http://carolmortarotti.com/

Nick Unsworth

"John and Jan are total pros that made the interview process as smooth as butter. I would highly recommend their show to others" :))

Nick Unsworth - http://LifeOnFire.com


Jessica Rhodes

"I had a great experience being interviewed by John and Jan on Entrepreneur Next Door. I can tell that they take podcasting seriously. They made sure I knew what to expect for the interview and during our conversation they asked great follow up questions. John and Jan have such great life experience, both personally as parents of several children and as entrepreneurs. It was an honor to be a guest on their show"!

Jessica Rhodes - http://InterviewConnections.com

Chris Miles

“I have been interviewed on dozens and dozens of programs. It’s pretty easy to spot an amateur compared to a professional. I was blown away by the professionalism and clear systems that John and Jan Olson had when I was interviewed by them. They are among the most memorable interviews I have EVER done. If you want an interview done right, you need to connect with the Olson’s!”

Chris Miles  http://moneyripples.com/

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