END 041: Online Reputation Repair Made Easy

A disgruntled employee stormed out on his boss, vowing to get even.

Enraged, his new passionate mission was to slay and filet his now former employer by running straight home, firing up the ole’ home computer and leaving a nasty-gram review on this establishment’s Google business page.

Of course he did this anonymously. He even made it sound as if he were a customer who had a horrific experience.

Now I know this business. They give great service. The owner is a marvelous, hard-working, wonderful businessman and citizen in our city.

He and his staff have been striving 6 days a week for the last 27 years to give their customers a wow experience.

Then this hot headed turd-muncher comes along and tarnishes their online reputation in a very public way in a matter of minutes.

The above story is real. I am very familiar with it because they are one of my clients.

“Unfair”!  You say.  I agree 152%!

Just think!  Now every time a prospective client does a search on Google, there sits that awful review like bird poop on the hood of a freshly washed car.

Well, as you may expect, “we ain’t havin’ it”!

So, what did we do?  We got mad for about 10 minutes and then we decided to get even!  Hahaha!

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I knew it was a waste of time to try to get that negative review removed from Google, so we had to devise a plan to bury that sucka! (The review, not the former employee – just thought I should make that clear. lol)

With that being said, have you ever tried to get one of your customers, clients, or patients to write your business a review on your Google page?  “Sure”, they say. “I’ll do it as soon as I get home”.

They mean well, but you and I both know that there are a million distractions before they pull into their driveway and that they will probably forget.

Plus, did you know that your customer, client or patient can only write your business a review on their home computer if they have a Google+ account?

Not everybody has one of those accounts, so your customer may not even be able to write a good review for you unless they open a Google+ account.

Okay, so now you get a sense of what we were faced with, however, after an intense quest to solve this problem we discovered a simple solution for getting customers, clients or patients to write a Google review, even if they don’t have a Google+ account.

The answer is to get them to write a review on their SmartPhones using the Google Maps app. Can you do that? Yup! You bet your sweet bippie you can.

The great news is that the Google Maps app comes standard on Android phones, however, it must be downloaded on iPhones.

The good news about Google Maps on iPhones is that since Apple screwed up their map system when it first was rolled out, a lot of iPhone users downloaded the Google Maps app because it was much more accurate and easier to use.

So just think. . .now you can have your customers, clients, or patients write a review for your business while they are in your place of business.

Now that you know this I’m sure you are thinking: “a lot of people don’t know how to use the Google Maps app to write a review”.  Man alive! Great minds think alike, don’t they?

And I’m a guessin’ you probably don’t have time to educate them on the process either.

Don’t sweat it!  I solved this problem with the aforementioned client of mine and now I want to make that solution available to you. It costs you nothing. Ever. I’ll tell you how you can get it in a moment.

So you may be wondering, “what it is”?

Well, I have created a step-by-step Google review infographic in template form that shows your customers, clients or patients the 5 step process for writing a good review for your business.

This infographic will make it so easy for your peeps to write wonderful reviews for you in under 1 minute. That’s right. . .under 60 seconds.

I will give you a link in a moment where you can go to download the template for yourself.

All you have to do is make a few slight changes to the template to personalize it, then print it out and give it to your customers, clients or patients while they are in your office, store, clinic or restaurant.

This Google review template is in info graphic form and shows your customer, client or patient exactly how to leave a good review from their SmartPhone while they are in your place of business.

Here is a screenshot of the Google review template:

Review Template - Keynote.001

Google Review Template

Your customer reviews will increase exponentially because your customers, clients, or patients are writing it before they have an opportunity to get distracted with something else on the drive home.

Now you can build a treasure trove of great reviews from the people who do business with you and maybe even bury some bad reviews you received from customers or former employees who set out to make your life miserable.

I say bury the bad reviews with good ones.

This beautiful Google review infographic template has a real world value of $25, but it is complimentary for you. Just click on the link right here to download your 100% FREE Google Review Template

However, after you put it to use please come back to our website and leave us a comment about how it improved your company reviews. It’s always great to hear we were able to help somebody.

So go ahead to100% FREE Google Review Template and download your 100% free google review template now and begin getting great reviews from your customers, clients or patients today.

Just click on the link below this paragraph to download the template. Within seconds you can have the template, make a few changes, print it out and begin collecting good reviews from your customers, clients or patients. There is no optin, just click the link and download your Google review template today.

100% FREE Google Review Template

If this helps you in some way please leave a comment on our website.

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