Day 1: Completed 3 Interviews and 4 Video Tutorials and Kicked Fear in the Pants #endoor

Our day began a little later than normal today, 5:00 a.m. I woke and headed down to my home office.

Jan and I conducted 3 interviews this morning, back to back to back. It was an amazing time interviewing the following guests:

Jim Palmer, a brilliant marketing strategist. We enjoyed our time with him and learned a lot. We hope to have him back again soon. We can’t wait to broadcast his episode. –

Michael Raanan with Michael helps entrepreneurs work their way out of difficult tax issues with the I.R.S. and state governments. He is really a sharp guy, made out of the right stuff. We would have no problem recommending him to business people who have tax issues.

Joshua Davidson with This 21 year old entrepreneur began his company 5 years ago. They have done major business in that time. He has his act together with great clients and an impressive staff team.

Today I began producing video tutorials for our how to podcast product we are creating. I faced all of the normal fears. (i.e. Who will buy this? Is the product good enough? Who knows me? etc, etc)

I have found that action cancels fear out. This afternoon I completed 4 of the tutorials for the course. I am very happy with the way they turned out.

I have to edit the podcast for tomorrow’s broadcast. Dr. Steve Taubman was super interesting to interview. A lot of what he said about helping remove “fear” blocks through various hypnosis techniques really helped me today as I pushed through moments of fear.

Over all today was an outstanding day.

Tomorrow, I need to get episode #24 broadcast and then go right back to producing videos.

Until tomorrow. . .stand tall business pro and thank you for following this process.

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Much Continued Success,



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