Day 3: Created 2 Video Tutorials and Trimmed 4 Trees #endoor

Thursdays are trash days in our neighborhood and getting the task of getting the trash to the road is my responsibility. I know what you are thinking, “how incredibly boring”.  After I left the can at the curb and turned to come back to the house I noticed our trees could sure use a good trim. I thought I would just do one and then save the rest for another day. After I started trimming, I really got into it and trimmed 3 more. They look so much better. Sadly, trimming my trees took up most of the morning and didn’t move me one inch toward finishing my podcast tutorial project. I still have more trees to trim too. They will have to wait!

This afternoon I did complete 2 more training videos for our podcast training product.

Making video tutorials is a lot more work than I had anticipated. It seems about 10 minutes of work goes into each 1 minute of a completely edited video that is ready for my future students. I have purchased video training before and now I have a new appreciation for the work that the producer put into their product to educate me.

Tomorrow morning we release another podcast episode featuring Katherine Keller. She has a courageous story and has come a long way in her entrepreneurial journey as a single mom. Lately she was asked to be a featured writer for Entrepreneur Magazine I think. I will have to listen to what she said in the podcast.

Anywhoo, I’ve completed 9 video tutorials now with about 12 more to go. I think – at least I hope – the more challenging videos are behind me. I had another one today that took me much longer than I expected.  Sometimes in the middle of a project things seem to turn from excitement to work. I have to push through to finish this product. There is a lot riding on its release to the public.

I worked from 5:00 to 5:25 today. I think I am going to take the rest of the night off. I can’t be for sure though because if I sometimes wake in the middle of the night to come down to the office to work some more.

Thanks for following my progress. I really didn’t have to much of an issue with any kind of fear today.

Talk soon.


P.S. I had lunch with Arnold and he kept trying to get me to reveal my business secrets. Arnold is a pretty good guy so what do you think? Should I give him my sales secrets?


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