We Made Our First $5 Online Last Night While Sleeping! Time for a Happy Dance! @johnolsonlive

After 7 years of studying, researching and hard work, we made our first online sale of a digital product while we slept last night. We’ve sold real estate online, equipment, right-of-way services to power companies, vehicles, toys and all kinds of stuff online, but never a digital product.

“Seven years of hard labor for a measly $5”, you say? “Who in their right mind would be so thrilled about that”, you say?

Well we can’t prove to you that we are in right mind, but we can tell you 3 things about our little $5 windfall profit:

As far as we’re concerned our little $5 may as well have been $5,000,000 because we broke the ice. If we can earn $5 selling a digital product, then we think we can sell $10, then $100, then $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, and YES we now think we can sell $1,000,000 worth of digital products on line. Our first focus will be to double our revenue, so $10 will be the first goal.

Just yesterday, we listened to a podcast of an entrepreneur couple, Shane & Jocelyn http://flippedlifestyle.com/, who earned $0.11 on their first sale. That’s right, NO DOLLARS and ELEVEN CENTS. They described how that eleven cent sale in 2012 changed their whole mindset. Want to know how much they made in July 2014?  $142,000. If you want to listen to their story go to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/spi-122-from-teachers-to-totally/id383084001?i=317684294&mt=2

We were so inspired by their story and think it’s hilarious that our first sale of a digital product came just one day after listening to the above mentioned podcast on Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. Maybe in two years we will be rockin’ a six figure per month income.

We can’t begin to describe to you how wonderful it feels on the inside to know somebody in this world of 7 billion people liked our creative work enough to PAY us $5. We are hugely grateful to our first customer, as such, we started the whole thing off right by telling them they were our first digital customer and rewarding them with way more than they even bargained for. This will set us up for future success because it is incredibly powerful to under-promise and over deliver on your products and services.

This tiny sale boosted our self-esteem 1,000%. Somebody valued our work enough to pay us, plus this little sale tore down the myth that people really don’t make money selling digital products on line. So death to you myth. We now know first hand that you can sell digital products on line, and that at least one person in this world liked our work enough to purchase from us.

We know all of this may seem like gibberish coming from Captain Obvious, but we can assure you that a big barrier has been broken. We are feverishly working on a digital product now that will sell for considerably more than $5. And now we have the reassurance that people will buy a product from us, that our work will be valued in the market place and that we can do this.

So, let’s DO THIS THANG!!!

If you would like to take a look at the product we are currently selling go to: Podcast Album Artwork Tutorial

Please leave a comment below and do yourself a favor. . .have a great day! Seize it and live it to the fullest.


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