END 033: Carol Mortarotti: How to Become the Go-To Expert in Your Niche

Carol Mortarotti is a former pro tennis player and worked on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. In 2007 she started a consulting business and created Expert Niche Academy, an online course that teaches you how to become an expert in your niche and turn your expertise into a profitable online business. Carol resides in New York City and you can find out her at http://CarolMortarotti.com.

If Carol Was Given the Last Tweet Known to Mankind – What Would It Be?


Resistance Carol Experienced in the Beginning Days

Carol was downsized from a very lucrative job that she thoroughly enjoyed. She found it very difficult to get another job in the industry she was in at that time, so she started her own consulting business.

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First Entrepreneurial Endeavor

Carol needed a sponsor for her to continue in pro tennis. What did she do? She went door to door in a wealthy subdivision asking people to sponsor her. Even in this marketing process she niched down to success by stopping at a wealthy person’s house who had a tennis court in his back yard. Score! This wealthy man became her sponsor. Fascinating story and kudos to you Carol for such amazing determination!

Words of Encouragement

Don’t let “NO” stop you in your tracks. There will be people along the way that will try to discourage you from pursuing your dreams. When you become most frustrated with your business just hang on a little longer because a breakthrough is right around the corner.

How to Connect With Carol Mortarotti

Go to her website at: http://CarolMortarotti.com

Download a Complimentary Copy of Carol’s Time Management Excel Sheet

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/carolmortarotti

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