END 030: Jen Fitzgerald: How to Attract and Retain More Customers @theclientangel

Jen Fitzgerald is the creator of the acclaimed client management program, The Client Angel. She offers heart-felt business training to entrepreneurs who are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with their business. When Jen is not helping business owners grow their business she is spending time with her family and studying the latest business coaching strategies.

If Jen Was Given the Last Tweet Known to Mankind – What Would It Be?

Resistance Jen Experienced in the Beginning Days

Jen experienced the fear of thinking that no one would pay attention to her, that she didn’t know enough to be a leader in the market place. That fear was quickly replaced with raving clients as she pushed through her fears to business success.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

Jen and her team began reaching out to companies to offer their services to their sales reps. This is when her business exploded.


What Was Jen’s First Entrepreneurial Experience?

Jen sold the famous Girl Scout cookies as a young girl.

Words of Encouragement

Just start. Take one step today that takes you in the direction you want to go.

How to Connect With Jen Fitzgerald

Go to her website at: http://www.theclientangel.com/home/

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheClientAngel

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