END 028: Michael Raanan: How to Get Tax Relief from the I.R.S.

Michael Raanan is the founder and President of Landmark Tax Group, a leading tax resolution firm that specializes in helping taxpayers with their IRS matters. Before starting his own tax relief practice, Michael worked at the IRS as a Revenue Officer for 8 years.

If Michael Was Given the Last Tweet Known to Mankind – What Would It Be?

One of Michael’s First Entrepreneurial Experiences

In middle school Michael sold candy out of his back pack to fellow students. He offered three choices: Blow Pops, Airheads and Pixie Sticks. Michael’s dad bought the candy wholesale and gave it to Michael to sell to his school chums.  Can you guess what was Michael’s best seller?

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

Michael was a former I.R.S. officer who struck out on his own to help entrepreneurs and tax payers from all walks of life to get into compliance with the I.R.S.


Words of Encouragement

First of all have passion for what you do. Second, a strong work ethic will create the success you desire as you grow your business. Thirdly, help everybody you come in contact with and give people more value than they bargained.

How to Connect With Michael Raanan

Go to his website at: http://LandMarkTaxGroup.com/EntrepreneurNextDoor and claim your free copy of “7 Secrets the I.R.S. Doesn’t Want You to Know”

Go to Michael’s website: http://LandMarkTaxGroup.com

Call Michael at 714-382-6780

Email: Michael@LandMarkTaxGroup.com

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/LandmarkTaxGrp

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  • The Entrepreneur Next Door podcast is unique in its authenticity and truly inspiring in the way successful entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to share their story in a low-key, relaxed environment. It’s clear hosts John and Jan Olson have a true passion for entrepreneurship and genuinely care for each guest. As a listener, I look forward to the next episode. As a former guest, thanks for the privilege. Keep ’em coming!

    Michael Raanan, MBA, EA
    Landmark Tax Group

    • Thanks Michael. It was great to have you on our show. We appreciate what you do for entrepreneurs who face difficult circumstances.