END 024: Dr Steve Taubman: 3 Steps to Remove Mental Blocks So You Can Achieve Success

Bestselling author and mindfulness expert, Dr. Steve Taubman, has an eclectic and unusual background. As a physician, magician, hypnotist, author, speaker and meditation teacher, he brings a unique perspective and deep wisdom to entrepreneurs. His first book, UnHypnosis, became a number one bestseller on Amazon.com. His breakthrough CD program, UnHypnosis for Direct Sellers and Entrepreneurs was named one of the top 25 “must have products” for 2011 by Direct Selling Live. Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Mark Victor Hansen, calls Dr. Steve an enlightened physician dedicated to helping the entire world with his incredible entertainment and powerful communication skills. And Bob Burg, author of The Go Giver, calls Dr. Steve the ultimate brain clog remover.

If Dr. Steve Was Given the Last Tweet Known to Mankind – What Would It Be?

Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

Dr. Steve discusses the power of the sub-conscious mind. He mentions that belief trumps desire which is why some people can’t realize their dreams because their negative belief keeps them from moving toward desire.

Dr. Steve also presented the 3 steps to take to remove the 200 ton block that mentally keeps people from taking action to achieve a worthwhile goal:

  1. Creating receptivity (opening the mind up so you are not just yelling at your conscious mind) by using progressive relaxation techniques, washing relaxation down your body.
  2. Eliminating negativity (removal of the mental blocks) by focusing on the thing you are afraid of, feeling the fear, then switching your focus to the fearful feeling – becoming a student of your own inner experience. Then you imagine that the fearful feelings you are experiencing are like a bundle or package taking up space in your body. Encapsulate that feeling visualizing that package becoming smaller and smaller and smaller. When it appears small enough to fit in your hand then just throw it away.
  3. Implant positive messages. Then Dr. Steve would instruct you to replace fear with fascination. Then give powerful affirmations to your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind.

Do the 3 steps mentioned above to reshape the brain in what is known as neuroplasticity. This is the amazing ability of the brain to rewire itself with a new idea.

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Words of Encouragement

Discipline is freedom. Do what you know and do it with passion and you cannot fail.

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