END 021: Jessica Rhodes: Great Human Connections are the Life Blood of Successful Businesses

Jessica Rhodes is the founder of Entrepreneur Support Services Inc. which is the parent company to InterviewConnections.com, the premier resource for booking outstanding podcast guests. Jessica started her business while she was pregnant so she could be a stay at home mom to her son Nathan; who is now a very active toddler! In addition to booking podcast guests, Jessica works with entrepreneurs to support their social media marketing through the power of Pinterest and eye catching infographic design. You can read Jessica’s blog at EntrepreneurSupportServices.com and watch her web TV show at InterviewConnections.TV

If Jessica Was Given the Last Tweet Known to Mankind – What Would It Be?

Resistance Jessica Experienced in the Beginning Days

Jessica had to shift her mindset after leaving an industry, which is known for bullying, anger and hostility, to an industry where excellent customer service is the virtue that gets rewarded.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

When Jessica began producing video tutorials her business really began to take off.


What Was Jessica’s First Entrepreneurial Experience?

Jessica’s experience as an intrapreneur in a political office led to her becoming a full-fledged-card-carrying entrepreneur.

Words of Encouragement

Wealth rewards risk.

How to Connect With Jessica Rhodes

Go to her website at: http://InterviewConnections.com or http://InterviewConnections.tv

Email: Jessica@InterviewConnections.com

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/JessRhodesESS

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