END 019: Desiree Wolfe: Mompreneur Models Successful Consulting From the Middle of the Playpen

Desiree Wolfe is in the marketing business as a marketing and branding strategist. She doesn’t just market her own business but she teaches others the skills they need in order for them to market and grow their own business as well. This mama started her business from desperation, as a single, unemployed mom and has now developed several services and coaching programs that turned her into the mompreneur that she is today.

If Desiree Was Given the Last Tweet Known to Mankind – What Would It Be?

Resistance Desiree Experienced in the Beginning Days

A second child came along just as her business was beginning to take off.  She struggled to balance her life between home and business which caused her to experience self doubt whether she could handle a business and taking care of two kids.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

After walking out the door with from a company with unethical practices she began looking for a job. However, it wasn’t long and her phone was ringing off the hook with new customers wanting her marketing services. The job NEVER happened.


What Was Desiree’s First Entrepreneurial Experience?

Desiree created a whole customer care system for her mom’s business when she was 12.

Words of Encouragement

Being an entrepreneur is so freeing. You’ll learn so much about yourself and those around you by owning your own business. It will give you the opportunity to live your life on your terms.

How to Connect With Desiree

Go to her website at: http://desireemarketing.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DesireeMktg


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  • I had such an awesomesauce time chatting with @johnolsonlive. One of my favorite interviews, by far. Thanks John and Jan for having me on the show.

    • It was our pleasure. We love laughing with other entrepreneurs and you were so much fun. We truly admire your accomplishment as a mompreneur. Let’s keep in touch.