END 018: J.B. Glossinger: Bodacious Dude From Boca Raton Gets People Revved Up as The Morning Coach

J.B. Glossinger, MBA, Ph.D., is an internationally known speaker, author, coach and consultant. His goal is to help people manifest what they want in their business, organizational and personal lives. He is a master of human potential and development, helping individuals and organizations learn how to break through to the next level.

J.B. enthusiastically shares what he has learned from his personal transformations, his corporate and personal experiences, and his MBA and Ph.D. background. He offers a unique perspective, bringing pragmatic approaches to a new and evolving world.

From selling jumbo jets to starting his own successful companies, J.B. is very familiar with the corporate world. His firms include the Alive Foundation, Inc., (AliveFoundation.com) — which launched MorningCoach.com, the world’s largest real-time personal-development resource on the Web—and PowerBizCoach.com, the world’s first kaizen business-improvement system.

J.B.’s energizing podcast reached number one in the iTunes Health category after just three weeks of broadcasting and has been rated among the top 20 in the world. He currently has more than 100,000 people following his different social media accounts, and he is an authority on the new world of social currency.

If J.B. Was Given the Last Tweet Known to Mankind – What Would It Be?

Resistance J.B. Experienced in the Beginning Days

J.B. experienced financial hardship when he left a cushy life in corporate America. He struggled for a long time to become the “overnight success” that people see now.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

J.B. built his business on passion to be an encouragement and add value to people. He got over the fear of putting himself out there and he invests in himself by hiring great mentors and involving himself in mastermind groups.


What Was J.B’s First Entrepreneurial Experience?

For a brief time J.B. sold perfume at gas stations. He had to spray 300 hands a day to make 10 sales and $200 commissions. In this hilarious story J.B. says he learned more from this experience than anything else he has done in business.

Words of Encouragement

Get out there and FAIL! The more we fail the better we get. Failure is part of the success process.

How to Connect With J.B. Glossinger

Go to his website at: http://MorningCoach.com  Also: http://Glossinger.com

Twitter: http://Twitter.com/MorningCoach


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