END 017: Nikki Pett: How Relationship Marketing Gives You the Highest R.O.I.

Nikki Pett entered the world of sales and marketing working first for an old school sales guy that taught her all the old tricks; like hard selling and cold calling! Nikki went out on her own and started Sigma Promotions Inc. over a decade ago and has grown her business double-digits year after year using relationship marketing strategies. She teaches other entrepreneurs that you don’t have to be aggressive or rude to see explosive growth in business! She’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach their goals through her systems. Nikki is author of “Relationship ROI”, founder of NikkiPett.com and creator of the “BAAM End Cold Calling Forever, the Ultimate Client Loyalty & Repeat Referral Business System”! Her unusual methods include sending clients unsolicited quotes, being a “greedy giver” and sending thank you notes when she DOESN’T get the business!! Nikki’s “WHY” for all she does it to set up a foundation in St. Lucia where she will be able to impact children’s lives for years to come!

If Nikki Was Given the Last Tweet Known to Mankind – What Would It Be?

Resistance Nikki Experienced in the Beginning Days

Nikki was ridiculed and laughed at in front of a group of people. She used this, and still does, as motivation to reach her life goals. We don’t realize how strong we are until we face adversity.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

A heartbreaking realization caused Nikki and her husband to do some deep internal searching. They redrafted their life’s blueprint which will eventually take them to St. Lucia to work with kids. Nikki also described 5 Ways to Bond Quickly With Potential Clients:

  1. Be 100% present with potential clients
  2. Ask great open ended questions
  3. Actively listen
  4. Retain info that you have received
  5. Give first

What Was Nikki’s First Entrepreneurial Experience?

As an eleven year old, Nikki missed the deadline for summer camp. Not to be detoured, she set up her own camp and had 12 kids sign up for her camp.

Words of Encouragement

Start with your “why”. Your “why” will keep you going even through tough obstacles and adversity.

How to Connect With Nikki Pett

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