END 016: Peter Greig: How to Have Victory Over Fear

John: Hello everybody and welcome to the Entrepreneur Next Door show.  Today the show is going to be different by design.

Jan: There are no featured guests today and this episode will be brief.  However, do not let the brevity of the show dissuade you from listening because the words you are going to hear today will be very impactful.

John: Perhaps the most debilitating emotion known to man is FEAR. Everybody experiences it in one form or another.  If you don’t know how to deal with this emotion it can eventually paralyze you in business, shut down your meaningful relationships and basically render you impotent in life.  Sometimes we exacerbate the consequences of our fearful state by how we react to it.

Jan: Our family attends New Life Church in Colorado Springs and normally we attend every Sunday morning. Recently, our church started a Friday night service and we made the decision to switch to the Friday night meeting for the summer.  A few weeks ago we had a guest speaker named Peter Greig who spoke on “How to Waste Your Time With God”.  Now don’t let the title throw you, we know as entrepreneurs we are always trying to make the best use of our time, and sometimes the most profitable thing you can do is to waste time with God. We will put a link in the show notes for those of you that may want to listen to this outstanding message.

John: Peter spoke for about 45 minutes and had us on the edge of our seats the entire time. In Peter’s talk he addressed the subject of fear in a very humorous and impactful way and we thought you should hear it. So we obtained permission to play a 4 minute clip of his presentation on our show for you.

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Click Here to Listen to Peter’s Entire Message: Peter Greig: How To Waste Your Time With God

Jan: This 4 minute clip is so powerful that we will never forget it, especially during those uncertain times.  At the very end Peter gives the solution to instantly counteract the paralyzing effects of this powerful emotion.

John: Peter closes this part of his talk so brilliantly that we want his words to close out the show. There will be no final words or outtro after he concludes. We are doing this for dramatic affect.

We want to encourage you to laugh along with his funny story and then let his final remarks sink in. Internalize it. Own it and the next time fear begins to wrap it’s tentacles around you, to strangle the life out of you, just remember the final words of today’s episode.

Enter Peter Greig.

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Click Here to Listen to Peter’s Entire Message: Peter Greig: How To Waste Your Time With God


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