END 008: Bryan Orr: Kalos Services Knows How to Keep Employees Hot and Customers Cool In Central Florida

Bryan Orr knows his “WHY”, and it is his “why” that makes his family owned business in Central Florida such a big hit with employees.  In turn, it is the employees that makes Kalos Services COOL (pun intended) in the eyes of their customers.   Bryan Orr, part owner of Kalos Services knows how to keep employees hot (motivated) and customers cool (very satisfied) in Central Florida. Stand tall business pro! Join hosts John & Jan Olson as they put Bryan Orr in the hot seat as he shares his entrepreneurial journey beginning to one of Central Florida’s premier service companies with 27 employees, and growing!

If Bryan Was Given the Last Tweet Known to Mankind – What Would It Be?

Resistance Bryan Experienced in the Beginning Days

Bryan shares the loneliness he felt in the beginning as he made $30 house calls.  He knew his “WHY” so was able to push through the internal forces that were trying to discourage him from proceeding in his new business.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

Bryan wanted to invest his life in a team of people that were happy, fulfilled and shared his “WHY”.  Hence Kalos Services was born and grew rapidly because of the core philosophy that is employed at Kalos Services.

What Was Your First Entrepreneurial Experience?

Bryan’s grandfather owns an aircraft salvage yard. Years ago Bryan’s grandfather gave him some special walnut-sized things to sell at a show. What was the return on investment?  Bryan doubled his money after paying his grandfather back. Score!

Words of Encouragement

Bryan would say, “know your why” and “there is no there”.


How to Connect With Bryan Orr

Go to his website at http://BryanOrr.com/

Company website at http://www.kalosflorida.com/

Email: bryan@kalosflorida.com

Twitter: @bryanjorr

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