END 006: DangerMan: Answers the Call to Help Children in Underserved Communities Across America

DangerMan!  It’s LA’s Very Own Real Life Urban Superhero DangerMan founder of the DangerMan Education Foundation Inc A nonprofit organization that promotes Literacy, Safety and Good Health for the children in urban and under-served communities across America.

Business Mistake

DangerMan shares a story about a time he didn’t plan ahead before he launched a limousine business.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

DangerMan was created and launched after a tragic incident. DangerMan answered the call to help young children in areas of literacy, health and safety. He has hundreds of videos on YouTube and makes several appearances every year.

Current Venture – What Has You Jacked Up?

His non-profit DangerMan, where they are beginning to expand their operation in to other cities across the globe.

Best Business Reads

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

How to Connect With DangerMan

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