END 004: January Jones: Shop Owner Turns Author Then Radio Host With 1.9 Million Listeners

Stand tall business pro! Join hosts John & Jan Olson as they put January Jones in the hot seat as she shares her entrepreneurial journey from consignment shop co-owner to published author to radio host with 1.9 million listeners.


Success Quote

Business Mistake

January shares a story about an early business venture with a partner. They regret not trademarking and franchising a very catchy name.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

January’s big break-through moment came when she got her first publisher in New York. The book deal opened doors for her to have her own radio show, which grew to it’s current 1.9 million listeners on a huge radio station.

Current Venture – What Has You Jacked Up?

Her newest book “Priceless Personalities – Success Stories Shared”  by January Jones

Can’t Live Without Business Resource


Best Business Reads

101 Principles to Wealth – Key Financial Secrets For Success by Charles Brokop

How to Connect With January

Go to her website at http://JanuaryJones.com


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