END 003: Cherif Medawar: $50 Million Hedge Fund Manager Offers 12 Steps to Financial Freedom

Stand tall business pro! Join hosts John & Jan Olson as they put Cherif Medawar in the hot seat as he shares some of his real estate investing secrets and money management principles. This discussion is powerful and exciting.


Success Quote

Business Mistake

Cherif shares a story about a $4.9 million real estate investment he made in Puerto Rico 2008 just before the banks began collapsing. He shares what he learned and how he turned things around. This story has a very happy and profitable ending.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

Three stages of wealth creation are:

  1. You work for the money
  2. You work the money
  3. The money works for you

Current Venture – What Has You Jacked Up?

Cherif is brimming with excitement to teach his “12 Steps to Financial Freedom” course.

Can’t Live Without Business Resource

Although it’s been around for a while Cherif believes Email is his most resourceful too in building his business.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie

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