END 002: Dennis Parker: Success Strategies for Struggling Sales People [Podcast]

Stand tall business pro! Join hosts John & Jan Olson as they put Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Examiner Dennis Parker in the hot seat.
Dennis talks about how to use spiritual mind management to boost your sales career.

**Success Quote**

**Business Mistake**

Dennis describes how he worked through some personal struggles and discovered a life changing experience through hypnotherapy.

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**Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment**

Learned to harness the power of the mind to transform his life, and to go on to help others.

**Current Venture – What Has You Jacked Up?**

His Spiritual Mind Management training.

**Can’t Live Without Business Resource**

He incorporates the use of the 80/20 principle to achieve maximum efficiency.

**Best Business Reads**

Good to Great by Jim Collins

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