END 001: John and Jan Olson: Transitioning From Tree Trimming to Podcasting – The Launch of Entrepreneur Next Door [Podcast]

Stand tall business pro! Join hosts John & Jan Olson as they put themselves in the hot seat to give you a glimpse of their 34+ years as entrepreneurs. Recently, they sold a company that made them millions of dollars over the last 18 years. Listen in as they describe their new passion for the Entrepreneur Next Door show. They also reveal for the first time the BIG IDEA for the Entrepreneur Next Door Show in 65 words.

Success Quote

Business Mistake

John shares how the “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself” business mindset had their business on a collision course with failure. A big opportunity came their way and would have resulted in a financial collapse had he and Jan not reset their plan to complete a very large contract.

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Entrepreneurial Break-Through Moment

John & Jan received some wisdom from a logger in North Carolina which turned their business around within 24 hours. The result was a contract was completed in 8 weeks for a gross pay day of $80,000.

Current Venture – What Has You Jacked Up?

John & Jan recently sold a company they had owned for 18 years. Their newest venture is the Entrepreneur Next Door show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. They are eager to have an impact on entrepreneurs world wide and look forward to connecting with the people they say are the backbone of the world economic system.

Can’t Live Without Business Resource

Jan: Google John: Snaggit by TechSmith

Best Business Reads

Jan likes: Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge

John likes: Play it Away – A Workaholics Cure For Anxiety by Charlie Hoehn


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